⭕ Weekly Roundup #1: 5 Jobs + 2 Internships + how do you sell legaltech ?

Jobs @ Zomato, MPL, Reuters, The Ken and Orios Ventures

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💼  Jobs:
  • 🍔 Zomato is hiring a sales / marketing intern in Mysore; Eligibility: Studying for an MBA in Sales / Marketing; Duration: 2-3 months; Write to wreetika.adhikary@zomato.com for further details.

  • 🏏Mobile Premier League is hiring for strategy roles; Ex-Management Consultants are preferred; Write to: nitesh@mplgaming.com for further details.

  • 📰 The Ken is hiring staff writers in eCommerce & healthcare tracks in Delhi and Bangalore; 3 years of experience covering the sector is desired; More details here.

  • 📰 Reuters is hiring a Legal Reporting Associate; JD can be found here; If you are interested contact Mr. Ramakrishnan at +91 98844 37821 and give Spadika Jayaraj as reference.

  • 💵 Orios Ventures is hiring Investment Analysts for its 2 year pre MBA program: JD here; P.S. Try speaking to someone at the fund and getting a referral (and try not to apply through Linkedin).

💬 Discussions:
  • Ritvik Lukose shared Vahura’s General Counsel Survey, 2020; Key Takeaway: As an aftermath of COVID, GC’s foresee an increase in legal spend on contract disputes, employment and bankruptcy and many of them will be looking to streamline costs by adopting legaltech 🙌. Read the survey here.

  • 💼 How do you sell legaltech ? This question came up post reading the survey, given entrepreneurs need clarity on who to pitch to within an organization to sell legaltech. Ritvik Lukose, Agnishwar Banerjee, Shashank Bijapur and Tushar Bhargava weighed in and they have had 3 distinct experiences:

    • In certain org’s GC’s act as influencers with the ultimate decision being made by a jury consisting of law + business + finance + ops.;

    • In multi-nationals GC’s get approvals from regional counsels without involvement of business teams;

    • In rare circumstances GC’s having an independent budget which helps them single-handedly make procurement decisions;

    My take: Figure out what kind of an organization you are pitching to, and target those departmental heads who will champion your product internally + have the power to spend independently 🤝 Will help optimise the already lengthy sales cycles 🕒. Vahura also has some interesting data on who controls legaltech spend in an org. I also read that you should sell to “Sneezers”.

🎁 Products:
  • Serial legaltech entrepreneur Sachin Sukumar tells me that he has launched his new product Resugo. Resugo helps law students and professionals who struggle with making CV’s by automatically generating a CV by answering a questionnaire; Solves a real problem for those of us who want a crisp CV which doesn’t start with “I hereby declare...” 😆

  • Have been following Pranjal Kamra’s Finology which provides investment advice and has 1.5M+ subscribers on Youtube. They have launched stock research app Finology Ticker, which helps investors pick value stocks 💰 What is impressive is how good the product looks and feels ! I am curious to know who runs tech for them 🤔

🖊️ Courses:
  • 🏫 Spotdraft founder Shashank Bijapur recommends Bucerius Law School’s free online legaltech course being run from June to August, 2020: Check it out here; I checked it out and I could have literally never thought that there are subjects like these which are taught at law schools: legal operations, legal analytics, legal sciences, digital justice; ✅ Must do if you are a legal tech enthusiast !

🏃 Internships
  • 💳 YC backed Fampay is hiring remote interns for Business Development, Community, Copy-writing, Marketing, Design and more; Apply here.

  • ⛰️ Did you know that firms like Baker Mckenzie, White & Case and King & Wood Mallesons have opened up virtual work programs for any law student to experience how it feels like to work at a global law firm; Same with YCombinator, KPMG, Delloitte and BCG; Check out InsideSherpa.

🎙️ Podcasts:
  • 🔊 Pranav Mehta speaks to me about transitioning to investment banking post law school. Pranav is a rare species and might be one of 2 investment analysts working in front end IB in India who come from a legal background ! We speak about networking, how to make career choices and how to break into a new industry.

🏭 Industry:
  • 🎥 Zoom and 💻 Wipro both appoint law grads as senior management.

  • Wipro appointed Thierry Delaporte as CEO. Thierry holds a Masters in Law from Sorbonne University but has been a finance professional in his working life.

  • Zoom appointed long term Chief Legal Officer and former Wilson Sonsini lawyer and Harvard grad, Aparna Bawa as COO.

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