BeyondLaw Podcast Ep. #2: From Law to Investment Banking with Pranav Mehta

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BeyondLaw aims to cover the stories of lawyers who are creating impact outside the law.

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Throughout this series we cover the stories of investment bankers, venture investors, artists, public policy professionals, management consultants, business generalists, political consultants and more, who were all formerly lawyers. We also cover courses that help lawyers make this shift and also the business of law itself and how technology is changing it.

In Ep. #2 we spoke to Pranav Mehta, (NLSIU ‘19) who joined Spark Capital right out of law school as an Investment Banking Analyst. We speak to him on how he landed up at Spark, why investment banking and what a day at work looks like for him. We also speak about the skills that such roles look for and how young lawyers can go about developing them.

Big shout out to Udit Misra who edited this podcast.