⭕ Weekly Roundup #2: 7 Jobs + 2 Internships + 2 products

Jobs @ Mikelegal, Blume Ventures, Climate Collective, Agami, Dua Consulting, Omidyar and Mamaearth

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💼  Jobs:
💬 Discussions:
  • 🖊️ Kartik Mahalingam shared an interesting piece on how youngsters want to “save the world” without long term commitment and how this is fueled by a society which provides job opportunities on this basis and creates cultural propaganda around this 🥺.

  • 📢 This spawned an interesting discussion on how applicants to the best universities always want to “save the world” pre-admission and end up as Product Managers in San Jose post-graduation. Why ?

  • 😕 Are they not sure about their career choices ? Are they misrepresenting to themselves and the Uni ? Are they forced to change tracks because of financial considerations ? Maybe a bit of everything; Sounak Sarkar, Sowmya Rao, Anita Srinivasan, Sreerupa Chowdhury, Aditi Kamath and Suhasini Rao weighed in:

    • You can be a finance manager in a company that's genuinely solving world hunger by working on biotech. The linkage is in the mind which gives our work some higher purpose ☁️.

    • The development sector (for the lack of a better descriptive) is rather punishing, in terms of demands & comparative low tangible ROI. Not everyone has the capacity or family/institutional structure to carry through with dreams 💸.

    • People don't necessarily lie when they say they want to help people. Some of them just don't realize that it would mean giving up on a lot of things that you want more 🚗.

My take: Be truthful about what you want from life, and you will end up making realistic choices 🙌 e.g. it is not realistic to say that you will work in the development sector with 200K USD in student debt. But that thinking needs to be done before jumping in and not after !

🎁 Products:

🖊️ Learn:
  • 💵 Early stage venture fund India Quotient recently hosted a series of lectures for Analysts on how VC funds work / Key metrics / valuations / cap tables etc with Partners from Accel, IQ and Stellaris. Watch the sessions here.

  • 💰 Are you a legaltech founder trying to sell SAAS to foreign customers while sitting in India ? Hotelogix founder Aditya Sanghi speaks on the 0 to 1 of content marketing, leveraging events to get foreign clients and creating content by regions. Watch here.

🏃 Internships

👩‍⚖️ People:
  • 💻 I was recently introduced to Marisha Thakker, ex-KCO lawyer and GLC / Cornell alumnus by Amol Mehta. Marisha is a Legal Solutions Architect at Dentons🔧. She works with the 23 different practice groups at Dentons helping them with innovation and process management 🌈.

  • She completed a Masters in Law Technology and Entrepreneurship at Cornell to land this job; I am told that this is an LLM with a difference and you actually learn to code during this course and sit in classes with the engineering students at Cornell 😲

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