🎙️ Getting a seat at Harvard Business School before graduation - Deferred MBA Programs with Mishaal Nathani

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Greetings from Bengaluru 🖐,

Did you know that there is an Indian law grad who got into Harvard Business School in his 5th year of College ? We bet you didn’t. He is an extremely rare species given that there is only 1 of him 😋 Jokes aside, the reason there aren’t more like him might not be the lack of talent in Indian law school’s; it might be because most Indian law students have never heard of the fact that HBS and other foreign business school’s including Yale, Darden, Booth, MIT and even the Indian School of Business have something known as a “Deferred Program”.

The typical route to HBS or any other top B-School, post a couple of years of work, is through a hyper-competitive GMAT + work ex process, with only those with premier work experience being considered.

There is however an early bird special 🦆 Students in Bachelor’s programs are allowed to apply to HBS and aforementioned B-School’s in their final year of studies for its Deferred Program, and if selected, the B-School allows candidates to defer admission for upto 4 years 😲

Imagine applying for a job post college with a CV that says that you already have an HBS / MIT / Yale / ISB admit 🦄

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Mishaal Nathani (JGLS ‘18) (HBS Admit) is what Bangalorean’s would refer to as “enthu”. As a young student in JGLS he helped start its entrepreneurship center. In his pre-final year he started a web design agency with his friends called Plane Crazy Studios which boasts of clients like Ankur Capital, MIT and MTV 🎸. He ran it for 2 years before joining a CEO’s Office role at Dr. Vaidya’s.

Sometime in his 2nd year of College Mishaal had managed to work at a venture fund and realized that law might not be his long term calling, and a business education will definitely be of help !

Research - Research - Research - lots of searching later he figured that HBS - one of the most premier business school’s in the world offered an early entry program, and the best part was…..he could pursue his work for 4 years before joining 🙃

He took the GMAT in December, 2017 and filled the application, and the rest is history.

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⏰ In this weeks Masterclass, Mishaal speaks about:

  • What is a Deferred Program and what are the options available ?

  • His journey and why he chose to do an MBA right after college ?

  • Preparing for the GMAT while at college ?

  • How do you decide if you should go to Bschool right after college ?

  • The HBS application process, essays and interviews ?

  • How did he go about writing his story and which attributes in his profile helped him get through ?

❓ The masterclass will be followed by a Q&A session where participants can ask individual queries to Mishaal.

Targeted towards: Current Pre-Final year students, GMAT aspirants, Foreign B-School aspirants.

Date: August 30, 2020

Time: 6 - 7:30 PM IST

P.S. This event has limited slots and we will block them on a first come first serve basis.

This is a charity session and all the money collected goes to Salaam Bombay Foundation

Join this Session

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Enjoy :) and look forward to seeing you in the session !